1Why can I book the yachts for a maximum of one week at a time only?
So that all members have the opportunity to set sail at various times.
2Is there a variety of set food packages or do I put them together individually?
Both is possible. In addition to set food packages, we can also put them together individually, tailored to your personal preferences and wishes.
3Do I need a specific boating license to become a member?
To become a member you do not need a license, as long as you do not leave the berth with the yacht. The same applies if you book a skipper for your trip. If you or one of your guests is a skipper, he / she needs the ‘Sportbootführerschein See’ (SBF) and, depending on the area, the SRC radio license.
4Is my booking valid for the week allocated even during bad weather conditions?
For true sailors, there is no bad weather, only the wrong clothes. No, unfortunately we can not allocate or cancel the bookings according to weather conditions.
5Can I also book rental cars and / or excursions in the Yachters.net office?
Of course, we can either do it ourselves or give you the best contact details.
6What do my guests have to pay for on board?
Only their individual expenses. The cost of using the yacht is included in your membership.
7What's on board for kids?
All yachts are equipped with a game console and popular games. In addition, you have the opportunity to reserve water sports equipment for free (stand-up paddle, donut, etc.).
8Is WIFI on board?
As long as you travel in the Wifi zone of our respective mobile phone partner, our Wifi is available free of charge.
9May my passengers also use the offers of the marina?
Of course, your guests are also guests of the marina.
10What does the automatic membership of the IAC mean?
The IAC network was founded in 1983 and has since built a network of nearly 250 of the most prestigious private member clubs in more than 40 countries worldwide. In the various IAC clubs, you will meet, and network with private and business people from various industries. By strict selection criteria - members only on recommendation - the circle of members remains exclusive even with constant expansion. As a Yachters.net member, you are welcome to all IAC clubs worldwide. Each of them offers the highest quality and optimal opportunities for business meetings, conferences, private gatherings and sports activities. Agreements with selected hotels offer special member privileges, such as up-grades or special rates. Spouses / life partners are included in the IAC membership and can use the clubs worldwide independently and independently with their own membership card. As a member of Yachters.net you are automatically a member of the IAC network - a priceless bonus according to our motto: Enjoy life - at the top. www.iacworldwide.com