Loano - the picturesque town on the Riviera delle Palme - named after the palm trees that line the length of the beach promenade.
Protected from cool northern winds by a mountainous belt, the mild climate of the Ligurian coast prevails here all year round.
In summer, sperm whales, fin whales and dolphins regularly appear off the coast - an impressive spectacle from on board your yacht. Sailors and surfers love this region, as the gentle winds create an ideal swell. The entire coastline is also a popular diving and snorkeling area.


Frankfurt: ca. 2 Flugstunden nach Nizza
Berlin: ca. 2 Flugstunden nach Nizza
München: ca. 1 Stunde 25 Minuten, nach Nizza
Wien: ca. 1 Stunde 45 Minuten nach Nizza
Zürich: ca. 1 Stunde 10 Minuten
Paris: ca. 2 Flugstunden nach Nizza
London: ca. 2 Flugstunden
Rom: 1 Flugstunde nach Nizza
Barcelona: 2 Flugstunden nach Nizza
New York: ca. 8 Stunden, 15 Minuten
Alternativ ist der Flughafen Genua (GOA) in ca 1 Autostunde zu erreichen.

The Marina di Loano

One of the most modern and beautiful marinas in the region: over 900 yachts from 6 to 77 meters in length have their permanent berth here. The total capacity of the marina includes over 1000 berths.
Due to the mild climate and protection against the sea with a substantial breakwater our yachts are perfectly protected here the whole year round.

Service around the clock

As a member, you can use all facilities and services of the Marina. Meet like-minded people here in our Lounge or in the Marina's various restaurants and bars.
Our concierge office is located in the administrative building of the marina and is always available for any questions and requests. A reliable person is always contactable on site for you.
Maintenance and servicing is available 24/7 by our specialists, to ensure nothing will get in the way of a smooth trip.
Our Yachters transfer service organizes your shuttle from Genoa and Nice airports, the surrounding stations and, upon agreement, other destinations.


München: 741 km
Stuttgart. 718 km
Düsseldorf: 1058 km
Köln: 1021 km
Berlin:. 1230 km
Wien. 1047 km
Salzburg: 765 km
Graz: 862 km
Genf:. 419 km
Zürich: 533 km
Basel:. 537 km
Vaduz: 454 km
Florenz: 311 km
Marseille: 324 km
St. Tropez: 245 km
Lugano: 273 km
Mailand: 204 km
Turin: 165 km
Cinque Terre: 172 km
Cannes: 159 km
Nizza: 124 km
Portofino: 119 km
Monaco: 110 km
Genua: 82 km
Triest: 598 km
Barcelona: 788 km

Für Privat und Business-Flieger mit einem Take-Off-Gewicht von bis zu 60 Tonnen:
Riviera Airport 26 km, ca. 15 Minuten Transfer, Transfer in der Mitgliedschaft enthalten.