The Founder Benefits are available until 06.01.2020:
1/2 admission fee
Welcome Package in the "Founders Edition"
VIP access to the "Founders Lounge" at Member Events
Private Yacht Company Yacht IAC Members4 Lifetime Yacht3
Annual fee 1st member € 15.500.-1,2 € 15.500.-1,2
Annual fee 2nd member € 13.500.-1,2
Day fee € 950.-1
One-time admission fee € 14.500.-1 € 19.500.-1
One-time payment € 249.000.-1
Member appointment ein Mitglied zwei Mitglieder ein Mitglied
Use of the fleet
Yachters Welcome Package mit Ihrem Logo IAC Treatment Platinum Edition
IAC membership
Invitation to memorial events
Year round access to the Lounge
Yachters concierge service
Yachters full service package
Yachters insurance package
Year-round access to the marina

1 Price incl. 20% VAT
2 Quoted, 12 months p.a.
3 Duration of membership 20 years
4 Only bookable for existing IAC members